Secure Credit Card Checkout by eWay

eWay Rapid 3.0 transparent redirect API is a payment product that allows merchants to post credit card data
from their customer’s browser directly to eWAY without it passing through the merchant’s server.
Each Rapid 3.0 transparent redirect API payment consists of three steps.
1. The merchant requests an access code by sending a request to eWAY containing details of
the transaction, including the amount, the invoice number and the customer details.
2. The merchant displays a secure HTML form to the customer for credit card entry. The form is
submitted directly to eWAY for processing. This is achieved via a HTTPS POST from the
client’s browser.
3. eWAY redirects the customer to a Return URL specified by the merchant. The merchant then
requests the results of the transaction from eWAY.

Secure PayPal Checkout

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