Tips on Getting Vape Prescriptions in Australia

Tips on Getting Vape Prescriptions in Australia

Since 1st Oct 2021, Australian vapers need a doctor’s prescription to import nicotine-containing vape products. If you purchase nicotine e-liquid, nic-salt liquid on our website from Australia, please email us your prescription.  The prescription is a necessary shipping document required by DHL, and we can’t dispatch the parcel without the document.

Some vapers may be struggling to get a prescription, here are some pathways to approach

1. You may visit your local GP.  Although currently not many General Practitioners are ready to prescribe nicotine vape products for quit smoking purposes.

2. You may call doctors through online consultations.  Check the below link for a list on Athra

They have incredible medical practitioners who actively prescribe vaping as a legitimate quitting. Telehealth consultations by phone or video call are available Australia-wide. For now, the number of doctors is limited, but it should be growing with the demand.

3. Quit RX is a great online prescriber for nicotine prescriptions.  Their services are convenient and cost-effective, link below

You may get a 12-month multiple-time prescription for $70

4. Vaping Scripts provide 24/7 real-time e-cig nicotine prescription service, link below

5. The QuitClinics is an incredible online vaping prescription platform. Check link below

On this platform, you may receive a 12-month vape prescription in less than 2 hours, at the cost of AU$85.