CBD Legal Status in Australia and New Zealand

CBD is Legal in Australia Under Certain Conditions

In 2018, the federal and state health ministers approved the trade of hemp products and food in Australia. This decision came after officials in Tasmania have sent out a recommendation to make the plant lawful. 

However, all hemp foods, including CBD supplements, cannot contain more than the allowed concentration of THC. Any compound with even a slight THC content above 0.005% is deemed an illicit substance and not cleared for use, distribution, or manufacture.

We carefully source CBD vape liquid from reliable vendor and only sell the reputable brand as Halo,

Above test report shows our CBD liquid is fully legal to be sold in Australia






Only approved CBD products can be sold in NZ, furthermore, a prescription is required to purchase approved CBD product. There is currently only very limited CBD products in NZ. See below link for more information

Website of New Zealand Ministry of Health


We currently not able to sell CBD liquid within NZ, but we’ll keep close eyes on the legal status and make the CBD liquid accessible once it is legalized for retail without approval.

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